Data Summary

Human cDNAs


FLJ cDNAs constructed by the oligo-capping method:

Entirely sequenced cDNAs: 35,083
ESTs: 5'-EST, 1,323,199 ; 3'-EST, 107,239

cDNA sequences retrieved from public databases:

Entirely sequenced cDNAs: 112,992, ESTs: 3,862,807

Gateway Entry Clones ( Download update: 2011/06/09 )


Number of entry clones: 43,249 (in total)   (Ver. 2.0)

N-type: 17,802
F-type: 25,447

Number of iPS cell research clones: 37 (in total)

N-type: 17
F-type: 20

Protein Analysis Data

electorophoretic1 electorophoretic2
localization2 localization3

SDS-PAGE pictures of in-vitro synthesized human proteins: 17,821

Subcellular localization images of human proteins fused with the fluorescent protein: 32,651 (in total)

Images of N-terminal fluorescent protein-fused proteins: 15,586
Images of C-terminal fluorescent protein-fused proteins: 17,065


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